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Name:FrFr! - a Free! fandom community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Water, friendship, bonds, and upper bodies!
Welcome to [community profile] frfr!

This is the general fandom community for those who like the anime Free!, which is based on the novel High Speed! by Ohji Kouji.

Important posts
* Rules & Guidelines: Please read this first!
* Guestbook: Leave any messages, questions or feedback here.

Events and activities (Got any ideas/plans or interested in running one?)
* High Speed! (re)read session
* Waterday Challenge 2014 - Free! Gen Fanwork Event
* Free! Rewatch Session

* Doujinshi list

[personal profile] touchturnfly (GMT+1)

* High Speed! Volume 1 Translations:
[personal profile] sunnyskies (Chapter 1-6)
[personal profile] frecklegirl (Chapter 7 and 8)
janeypeixes (Complete)

Free! communities and affiliates
* [ profile] free_iwatobi: the LiveJournal community.
* [community profile] freedressing: RP dressing room.
* [community profile] iwatobiswimclub: the kink meme.
* [personal profile] free_anon & [personal profile] swimming_anime: the old and current anon meme.
* [community profile] rinharu: Rin/Haruka pairing community.
* [community profile] alloutperfectbody: Rei/Rin pairing community.

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